Parallel Institution

The ongoing project, photo-video-performance, social-media-art, immersive art, activist-art, contemporary art, new media art and beyond, 2019

About Artwork

The artwork, attempts, as any other genuine artwork, absolutely nothing. There is nothing to preach, teach, proclaim research, prove, reveal, and unveil.

I never stop creating art in multiple forms; I consider everything is a part of the artistic process.

The artist and the artwork, as well as the observers, or participants and also everything else there is, is contributing to the process – which is the artworks development, expansion and enfolding, occurring. And all of that is to be spontaneously observed and witnessed, just to play and be more and more liberated, relieved, happy, joyful or anything else the human population on the planet may encounter while thriving through its existence. There are no minus and plus, like and dislike, just being.

With the reference to the above mentioned, plus the spiritual and sometimes scientific realization and hypothesis that space and time are concepts which may not exist, or, not exist, then it would be entertaining to observe does and how just being present and existing /observing in time and space affects and expands my art, my being, soul, mind, body, artistic creation, creation…

When trying to protect mine and other people’s rights, and being absolutely audacious, which is my true nature, I have noticed that this is particularly enormously rejuvenating, nurturing and healing on all levels. I never hesitate to express this aspect of my true nature. Or, more precisely, I am enthusiastic to implement it and cannot resist expressing this aspect of my personality.

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