Oxygen People Art

Art installation and performance 2021

The online and on-the-spot art installation, title „@oxygenpeopleart“, is developed under the influence of the very obvious and logical constellation which is today occurring on the planet. This can be illustrated in the following way: if the greenhouse gas emission continues to expand, the average air temperature on the planet will continue to increase, to the extent which will overgrow the temperature degree in the Sahara Desert, the trees on the planet will not be possible to survive, with no oxygen all fauna will be extirpated, including people, and, accordingly, there will be no possibility for the art to exist on the planet, either. This message can instantaneously be comprehended by children: no oxygen, no people, no art.

The title „@oxygenpeopleart“, indicates that there is the optimistic energy underneath the project, which is operating within this art creation – the title does not contain the „no“, negation.

The title of the installation is simultaneously the installation’s content which is communicating its optimistic energy through the light and illuminated colors, hoping that the planet will not only survive but will thrive.

The installation’s layout concept

The on-the-spot segment consists of the neon LED light installation containing the letters @oxygenpeopleart, where the lower edge is placed on the floor of the pavilion and the upper edge is leaned against the wall.

The online segment consists of already existing Instagram profile @oxygenpeopleart. People present on the spot, at the pavilion, if feel inspired, can take photos and share them on this Instagram profile.