All is Well One

Interdisciplinary Interactive work-in-progress, Installation Art, Site Specific Art, Computer Animation, Texts, 2011

Two symbols, smiley face and Christ walking of water as personifications of ideas of safety and miracles are going to be the main theme of my artwork.

“All is Well (One)” is a preparation or a concept for installation art work or ambient art work which is going to be exhibited in a gallery or outdoor. It consists of huge transparent water balls with the symbol of smiley face printed on its surface and an adequate floor facility filled with water. Water balls are very popular in amusement parks. People can enter inside the balls and float or actually walk on the water surface.  Artistic audience becomes a participant of an art work by entering inside the water balls. The artistic audience feels like they became a part of a symbol or an artwork when entering the exhibiting space.

In case the art installation/ambience is presented outdoor, for example in cities or natural landscapes, my artistic concept would be ideally realized by hologram images of huge transparent smilies and people would enter them and go through them, or spend some time inside the hologram images.

There is an excellent example of integrating a spectator in an artwork in Rembrandt’s painting “Night Watch”. Instead of painting portraits of a people who are just posing for a painter, he created the theatrical scene, costumes, plot on a stage, lightning effects. The spectator couldn’t resist being involved and integrated in a picture with his mind and emotions, but still without really becoming a physical part of an artwork. 
I am also trying to offer a different approach and make a synthesis of all the elements of an artwork, and to integrate a spectator in an artwork physically as well, enabling a creation process to flow in the following directions: author-artwork, spectator-artwork, author-spectator-artwork. I use ambient media approach for this process.
Smiley symbol is very simple. 
The message of a symbol and of my artwork that “all is well” is also extremely very simple and basic. Maybe this is why this message is the most difficult one to be comprehended and implemented. So simple, so crucial.
There are some concepts and emotions that I am eager to transmit these days. I am happy to express the feeling that it is normal that all is well and that miracles are very natural thing.  If the joy and miracles are absent, it indicates that something is abnormal. This is something which is abnormal is our perception. This is, of course, metaphysical concept, but it resonates in my heart as truth. My profession, visual art operates with perception and it is a field where I plan to express the ideas above. 
Metaphysics, mysticism, spirituality etc. all agree that there is something beyond visible physical reality and that there are many more dimensions and realms beyond three dimensional time and space reality. In dimensions other then 3D, there is no fear, struggle or injustice and there is only total existence in pure love. They say that all is well.
But the problem is that it is not easy that this concept is true, and even if you believe, it is difficult to remember to implement it in everyday life. It is almost impossible to remember it all the time: all is well.
In everyday life there is infinite number of opportunities to remember that all is well, because there is always infinite number of situations and circumstances to convince you that reality is unfriendly or cruel and mal.

for indoor exhibiting concept see part one

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