All is Well

Interdisciplinary Interactive work-in-progress, Light Installation and Performance, Computer Animation, Texts, 2011

Here is an idea, attitude and emotion that I am eager to transmit these days. I am happy to express the feeling that all is well. This is, of course, metaphysical concept, but it resonates in my heart as truth.

Metaphysics, mysticism, spirituality etc. all agree that there is something beyond visible physical reality and that there are many more dimensions and realms beyond three dimensional time and space reality. In dimensions other then 3D, there is no fear, struggle or injustice and there is only total existence in pure love. They say that all is well.

But the problem is that it is not easy that this concept is true, and even if you believe, it is difficult to remember to implement it in everyday life. It is almost impossible to remember it all the time: all is well.

In everyday life there is infinite number of opportunities to remember that all is well. Because, there is always infinite number of situations and circumstances to convince you that reality is unfriendly, cruel and mal.

I will mention one situation which happened not so long ago. Actually, it happened just a few months ago. I was looking forward to finalize and polish some creative writing before the deadline. But, there was one minor delay and obstacle. I had to go to the hospital for a routine surgery. And I had a lot of opportunities to practice the attitude that all is well there. For me the best way to do this is to think of the smiley symbol, that is, of yellow circle that looks like a smiling face. One of examples of implementing this method is while I was at the surgery. I thought of smiley before I went in, and I managed to wake up from total anesthesia after some struggle. And just after I managed to wake up, I thought of smiley and I smiled. All went well. Soon, just two hours after that, I was laying comfortably on the couch in my living room, watching my favorite humoristic TV show and finalizing writing the project to meet the deadline. All really went really well.

So, symbol of smiley is going to be the main theme of my artwork.

For last several years I have an idea of implementing this symbol in many ways. One of them is an artistic installation or ambience. It consists of computer animation and lightning effects already incorporated in animation. Animation is presented in a dark exhibiting place, but this is optional. Also, animation is presented on walls, and/or ceiling, floor, by one/ several/ many video-bim projectors. The artistic audience feels like they became a part of a symbol or an artwork when entering the exhibiting space.

Computer animation consists of huge image of smiley symbol. The symbol changes its color from red to orange, yellow, blue etc. This specter is associated to the colors of human aura. Some people can experience the existence of the aura. I belong to this group.

Smiley symbol is very simple. My computer animation is also very simple and basic.

The message of a symbol and of my artwork that “all is well” is also extremely simple and basic. Maybe this is why this message is the most difficult one to be comprehended and implemented. So simple, so crucial.

for outdoor exhibiting concept see part two.

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